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Below you can read about what we offer and what is involved to help you make descision on what serive you require, although we do emphasise the importance of taking advantage of your FREE consultation which will allow us to properly assist you in what you need and we can answer all your queries and questions and provide you with a price and timings.

Post Bridal Party Clean

30mins - Price varies

Who wants to deal with the stress of a mess when all the bridal party has been getting ready!! Book me to come and clean up the mess, and come home married to a spotless clean home.

Bridal Clean Package with KG Home Cleaning Services
Baby Home Coming Clean Package with KG Home Cleaning Services

Bringing Baby Home Clean


  • Fresh bed linen

  • 2 hr General Clean

  • Fresh flowers

Essentials for new mums, giving you peace of mind.


Just home after a long day, but dreadding the thought of that pile of clothes freshly dried but then still having to iron, KG Home Cleaning Services is here to take that unnecessary stress away, allowing you to come home with one less list item to do.

Ironing Service Package with KG Home Cleaning Services
After Party Kitchen Clean up Package with KG Home Cleaning Services

After Party Clean Up

Are you planning your next party, but then remember the last time and the clearing up that needed to be done after, and no one helped, well KG Home Cleaning Services is here to take that pressure off.

Book us for our FREE consultation, and lets get you back to planning your next party knowing that the place will be cleaned top to bottom with no stress or worry.

Deep Clean

KG Home Cleaning Services provides that inital Deep Clean of your home.

We suggest this to begin your cleaning journey, we get your home back on track, giving you the knowledge that whatever is going on outside your home, that you are coming home to a nice clean space for you to relax and enjoy your home.

Deep Clean Package By KG Home Cleaning Services

General Clean

After the Deep Clean, let KG Home Cleaning Services maintain your home a General Clean Package.

We will work with you to ensure that your bespoke General Clean Package works with and for you and your life and home.

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